Our Services

Our Performance Reports provide quarterly, monthly, and daily updates on aggregate fund performance which enables investors to compare funds with similar objectives and with the relevant bench marks.

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Fund Accounting:

We provide independent accounting service that result in independent computation of Net Asset Values (NAV), profit and loss (P&L) and realized and unrealized short and long term gains for various types funds.

Research Services:

We provide mutual fund research services and solutions for fund selection/manager research, performance analysis and monitoring. We also provide manager/investment due diligence analysis.

Investor Education:

At Quantitative Financial Analytics Company, we believe that the understanding of the investment decision-making process is vital for better investment decision. That is why we provide investment training ranging from basic investment knowledge to in depth coverage of more complex issues like investment in alternative asset classes, and risk management and hedging. We provide investment education through financial training seminars/webinars, conferences, and bespoke training sessions.